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Peter C. Smith, over the years, has made many technical presentations at meetings of the Ottawa Oracle User Group and at the annual conference of the Independent Oracle Users Group.   All these sessions (and more) are available for download from the OOUG web site.

Peter has also made publically available, a series of hot backups scripts for Unix environments, once again they are available on the OOUG web site.   These scripts have been rigorously tested in production environments to make the code as bulletproof as possible.   If you choose to utilize these script, please test in a safe development environment before implementing.
NOTE: NBS cannot be held responsible for any issues caused by implementing any publically released information or scripts.

Technical Presentations:

  • Installing HTML DB Live! (hopefully)
  • Creating Your First 9i Database
  • Installation Stories
  • Hot Backup Script from Hell
  • Web-enable Your Sacred DBA Scripts
  • Oracle8i Indexes
  • Proactive Database Administration for 7x24 databases
  • Unix for DBAs and Developers
  • Oracle8 Features
  • 7.3 More than just a number, a way of life
  • Liposuction for your database data archiving
  • PCTFREE & PCTUSED: Now I Understand
  • 20 Things to Change_On_Install


  • Hot Backup Script for Oracle 7 and 8/8i